On April 20, 1995, Hetong was build in Tianjin. According to the relevant provisions of China's current laws and regulations, Hetong is a social organization initiated by the people, donated by the society and operated by the market. Its system is independent and does not get fixed government financial allocations and subsidies; It abides by the principles of non-government, organization, autonomy, voluntariness, public welfare, non-profit and non-religion, and is a typical non-profit legal person organization (NGO-NPO). Today, 28 years later, Hetong Elderly Welfare Association, Hetong Public Welfare Foundation for the Elderly, Hetong Social Service Series Institutions and Service Series Enterprises for the Elderly are four in one, creating China's Hetong brand serving the elderly.

  Founded by old leaders, seniors, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, practitioners and enthusiastic social welfare people, the Hetong Board of Directors and the Council have the public welfare mission of serving the elderly, have a non-profit-oriented organizational structure and a management system that does not cause anyone to benefit themselves. Since its establishment, the degree of social recognition and trust (credibility), the utility of the resources it useing, and the degree to which social expectations or needs can be met (responsibility and credibility) are high, and its dependence on social donations and could got the tax-free status of "social instruments" has led to its sustainable development being guaranteed.

  As a third-sector Hetong, "private but non-private" is its essential feature, it has no shareholders, the ownership does not belong to any individual, and the vast majority of directors and board members are not paid in Hetong. Receiving government funding and social donations is its main source of alternative income, and the methods of "user payment" and "differential fee" adopted by it are only means to achieve the service mission and organizational goals of special target groups, and are by no means the preference and pursuit of profit maximization. It is given public rather than private interests, and the profits obtained must be used for the goals of the organization, not in the amount of profit created but in the degree of social value created. Hetong abides by the principle that non-profit organizations must disclose information, entrusts a third-party accounting firm to manage finance, invites members of the public to serve as voluntary treasurers, and insists on annual financial audit disclosure.

  2025 is the 30th anniversary of the founding Hetong, in order to realize the pursuit of "Hetong's century-old dream, public welfare charity action", in the process of the historic transformation of China's elderly care service system planning, Hetong should strive to achieve three establishments:

  To establish the leading position of Hetong in the national non-profit professional elderly care service industry, establish the leading position of Hetong in the field of long-term care of the elderly service industry chain, establish the scope and economic position of Hetong's brand effect and its business process reengineering capacity building, and realize the annual increase in income and balance on the basis of zero-based budget.

  National strategy

  "Know the world, serve China". It is necessary to make use of the comparative advantages of the intangible asset brand formed by Hetong in 28 years, so that Hetong's technology, talents, patents and management can form a national trading system. It is necessary to maintain close integration with the development of the international industry, and promote the development of the national long-term care industry through service output, online training, publication of journals, institutional evaluation, and dean's forum. At the same time, it always pays attention to the occurrence of major earthquakes at home and abroad, and launches the "China Emergency Disaster Relief Joint Care Model" at any time. By 2025, on the basis of 3,000 industry alliances and 300 training alliances, the long-term care professional committee of the China Charity Federation will be strengthened and strengthened.

  Vertical integration strategies

  "There is feeling, there is warmth, there is conscience". Focus on the elderly in empty nest, left-behind, disabled, severely disabled, and special family planning families, and divide the life cycle of the elderly to achieve seamless docking of all ages. Improve the value chain that Hetong directly owns and controls the vertical related fields of the elderly care service system, and takes the establishment of Hetong's competitive advantage and core competitiveness as the foothold, so that the comprehensive capabilities of Hetong services are based on a number of neighboring capabilities. Actively carry out comprehensive services for potential customers, and constantly plan and innovate colorful multi-brand activities for healthy young people. By 2025, the number of members of the Crane Child Welfare Association for the Elderly should reach 100,000.

  Diversification strategy

  "Cultivate a new format of elderly care - community pension complex". Focusing on the core business of Hetong's long-term care professional services and management, we will achieve diversified development in related fields. Through predatory pricing and mutual purchases, the optimal organizational form of Hetong's internal capital market, personnel flow, and scope economy of tangible and intangible resource sharing is realized. It is necessary to carry out the practice of bringing crane children's services into communities and families. It is necessary to carry out the transformation of the private placement of the Hetong Elderly Public Welfare Foundation to public fundraising. It is necessary to actively participate in the "transformation" experiment of government public pension institutions and rural homes for the elderly, and make contributions in long-term care technology, management and operation and talent training.

  New management strategy

  "Make the short board long, and make the long board stronger". It is necessary to adhere to problem-oriented and on-site improvement, and carry out uninterrupted performance management from the details of quality management and the difficulties of technology research and development. It is necessary to introduce and use cutting-edge management tools and realize intelligent cloud management with the help of Internet platforms. It is necessary to move from total quality management to knowledge management, from a learning organization to a process-based, project-based, parallel structure, network and virtual organization that responds flexibly to changes in the external environment.

  Talent strategy

  Hetong's private non-profit organization has a clear image, prominent public welfare attributes, and occupies an advantage in the competition for talents in the industry. Through standardized budget management and continuous renewal of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals, we should cultivate strong, enterprising, outstanding customer service, excellent marketing ability, low turnover rate, sense of responsibility and common values, long-term sense of mission and identity. Under the guidance of the Charity Law, based on the four-in-one development pattern of associations, foundations, social service organizations and service enterprises for the elderly, it is necessary to cultivate the inheritors of the century-old crane children.